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PiE Connect

PiE parents work hard and play even harder! While we chip in to make school life even more enriching for the children of FMSP, we also take care of ourselves. The PiE Engagement Committee, officially formed in 2016, facilitates new friendships and bonding among PiE parents over fun activities.

All FMSP parents and caregivers are welcome to join us at these activities. Have an idea for group activities? Speak to the committee and see your ideas come to life! 

Email us at FMSP.pie@gmail.com

Past Activities

WalkaTalk & Health Promotion Board Talk – 9 March 2017 PiE 23.JPG Sabertag Family Fun - 8 April 2017 PiE 24.JPG Mother's Day Special : Bouncefit - 11 May 2017 PiE 25.JPG Walkatalk Bukit Timah Hill - 21 July 2017 PiE 26.JPG Walkatalk Botanical Gardens - 18 August 2017 PiE 27.JPG