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FMSP believes in parent-school collaboration for the holistic development of our children. The school thus equips and empowers its families through various parenting programmes, including those initiated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. In keeping with the ONE Fairfield spirit, some programmes are open to both FMSP and FMSS parents. These have an added advantage for FMSP parents as we get to learn from FMSS parents who are ahead of us in our parenting journey.

Parenting Talks
On an ad hoc basis, qualified speakers are invited to share their insights on specific aspects of parenting in today’s context. Skill up and be ready when your child needs you.  

As part of the Dads for Life Fathers @ school movement, Dads@Fairfield aims to get fathers in Fairfield to inspire and be involved in their children’s lives through father-child focused programs and activities. 

- Dads@Fairfield Laser Tag & Bullet Ball – 29 June 2019
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PiE 2020 29.jpg

- Dads@Fairfield Combat Archery – 16 November 2019
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PiE 2020 31.jpg

- Dads@Fairfield Kidzania Fun (23 June 2018)
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PiE 2020 33.JPG