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Events in 2020

P1 Shepherding / P1 Parents Welcome Tea (2 January 2020)

PiE parents were all ready to extend a warm welcome to the new P1s and their parents into the Fairfield Family. Over the first three days of school, PiE parents shepherded the P1s and helped them settle in. This helped allay the anxieties of the new pupils and their parents. On the first day, P1 parents were also initiated into primary school life and the Fairfield culture with a Parenting Talk. This was followed by networking among the parents by their respective classes. 1.jpg 2.jpg

Chinese New Year Decoration & Celebration (10 January 2020)

PiE parents come together every year to decorate the school premises for Chinese New Year. This year, they enthusiastically covered the school hall, canteen and foyer with festive cheer. 





P4 Rock Climbing & Field Cooking (03 – 06 February 2020)

All P4 pupils were introduced to rock climbing and field cooking as part of their PE curriculum. PiE parents helped the pupils to gear up and timed their ascent on the school’s 9m-high rock wall. The pupils displayed resilience and team spirit as they cheered each other on. Thereafter, pupils did some outdoor cooking and enjoyed their “home-cooked meal” while PiE parents guided them and ensured safety.





MTP Booth (11th January 2020)