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Events in 2018

P1 Shepherding / P1 Parents Welcome Tea (2 January 2018)

PiE parents were all ready to extend a warm welcome to the new P1s and their parents into the Fairfield Family. Over the first three days of school, PiE parents shepherded the P1s and helped them settle in. This helped allay the anxieties of the new pupils and their parents. On the first day, P1 parents were also initiated into primary school life and the Fairfield culture with a Parenting Talk. This was followed by networking among the parents by their respective classes.


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Chinese New Year Decoration & Celebration (January 2018)

PiE parents come together every year to decorate the school premises for Chinese New Year. This year, they enthusiastically covered the school hall, canteen and foyer with festive cheer. 


Library Orientation (14 February 2018)

This activity taught our Primary 1s about proper use of the library. It covered library etiquette and book-borrowing procedures; and reminded pupils to practice good behavioural habits when they are in the library. PiE parents engaged pupils by demonstrating library etiquette through role-playing.


P3 Swim Programme (January – April 2018)

The SwimSafer programme helps pupils develop water confidence and resilience. Within each class, pupils were grouped based on ability and experience. Advanced swimmers were guided to refine their strokes to achieve better efficiency and speed, while beginners were taught basic strokes. At the end of the 10-week programme, pupils received certificates of achievement from the Singapore Sports Council. PiE parents helped to chaperon pupils and ensure safety.


P1 Games Day (2 March 2018)

Held in the assembly area, pupils participated in fun relay games, and showed their parents the skills they have learnt during PE lessons. PiE parents chaperoned pupils in their respective houses, ushered pupil movements, and served as game assistants. 



P4 – P6 Sports Carnival (9 March 2018)

This major annual sports event saw pupils compete in house teams, in games such as Captain’s Ball, Basketball, Floorball, Modified Frisbee, Volleyball, Longball and Softball, held in various locations – the Indoor Sports Hall, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, foyer and open field. The effort that pupils put into training for this event demonstrated their skills, resilience and sportsmanship. Close to 80 PiE parents filled various roles such as chaperones and game assistants.


P4 Rock Climbing & Field Cooking (20 – 26 February 2018)

All P4 pupils were introduced to rock climbing and field cooking as part of their PE curriculum. PiE parents helped the pupils to gear up and timed their ascent on the school’s 9m-high rock wall. The pupils displayed resilience and team spirit as they cheered each other on. Thereafter, pupils did some outdoor cooking and enjoyed their “home-cooked meal” while PiE parents guided them and ensured safety.



P4 – P6 NAPFA Test (27 – 30 March 2018)

The annual NAPFA test for P4 & P6 comprises six test items to assess the different components of overall fitness. For primary pupils, these are sit-up, inclined pull-up, sit-&-reach, standing broad jump, shuttle run and 1.6km run/walk. PiE parents provided logistical support – setting up the 1.6km-run test route and route marshalling etc.



Earth Week (17 – 19 April 2018)

As part of Earth Week’s activities this year, pupils were encouraged to bring their recyclable bottles and provided soil and beans to plant and set up their own self watering plant. There was also a racing competition where pupils created their own race cars made out of recycled bottles and bottle caps. The pupils gained greater awareness on how recycled materials can be used in everyday lives and PiE parents were on hand to guide pupils in setting up their self-watering plants and facilitating the race competition.



Carnival@Fairfield (7 April 2018)

The highly awaited Carnival@Fairfield is back after 5 years and PiE parents are blessed to be able to support the school in its fund raising effort. After months of coordination and planning with the school, PiE parents helped to set up and run F&B cafés, gift stalls and manage the bouncy castles. It was a great day of fun for families with everyone working together as one big Fairfield family to make the carnival a success. 



Mother’s Day Celebration (11 May 2018)

To celebrate Mother’s Day, PiE parents set up card making and flower stations where pupils can personalize cards or purchase flowers to express their love and appreciation toward their mothers and caregivers.