"He who brings trouble to his family will inherit only wind, and the fool will be servant to the wise." 
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Student Care Centre at FMS(P)

The Student Care Centre at FMS(P) will start operating on 2 January 2019 (Wednesday), the first day of the new school year.

The appointed operator is Commit Learning SchoolHouse Private Limited (CLS).

To find out more about CLS, please download the following document:
Commit Learning SchoolHouse Essential Information..pdf 

If you have queries on the Student Care Centre@FMS(P), please refer to the FAQs attached:
Student Care Centre FAQs.pdf 

Successful applicants can download the following forms:
 Introductory Letter from Commit Learning SchoolHouse.pdf  

Registration for 2019 is closed and all vacancies have been taken up.
The registration for 2020 will only be announced in October 2019.

The Vice-Principal (Academic), Miss Ng Swee Lin oversees the services provided by CLS.
Should you wish to provide feedback, you may email her at ng_swee_lin@schools.gov.sg

For day-to-day operational or administrative matters, parents/guardians may contact the SCC@FMS(P) office directly and speak to the centre manager or any of the CLS staff.