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Student Care Centre at FMS(P)

Commit Learning SchoolHouse Private Limited (CLS) will continue to operate the school’s Student Care Centre (SCC) in 2021. This will be their third year of operation. The SCC will occupy the same two classrooms in Block C Level 1.

To find out more about the SCC, please download the following document:
    CLS FAQs for StudentCare Centre @ FMS(P) for 2021

Letter announcing start of application for SCC in 2021:
    2020 FMS(P) SCCApplication Letter for 2021 Intake

Please note for 2021, all SCC places have been allocated. There are no vacancies left.

Should you wish to provide feedback or have queries, please email the
 School SCC Liaison, Miss Chan Sew Yoon at chan_sew_yoon@schools.gov.sg