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Primary One Registration

Registering your child for Primary One is an important step to your child's education journey.

Please refer to the Primary One Registration videos at MOE webpage to find out how parents can prepare for Primary One Registration of their child.

Parents can also find out about the Registration Phases and Procedures, Required Documents for Primary One Registration Exercise, Allocation of Places, Statutory Declaration, School Vacancies by Phases, Registration for Overseas Singaporeans and Frequently Asked Questions through the MOE Primary One Registration Exercise webpage at:  go.gov.sg/P1reg

2021 Primary One Registration Exercise (Phase 1)

Phase 1 registration is for a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident child born between 2 Jan 2015 and 1 Jan 2016 (both dates inclusive) and has a sibling(s) currently studying in our primary school.

If you have a SC or PR child eligible for Phase 1, please submit the online form at go.gov.sg/p1onlineform  by 25 May 2021 (Tue). You will need to login to the form using your Singpass. The school will contact you should additional clarifications and / or documents are required . 

If your child is non-SC / non-PR and thus not eligible for Phase 1, please submit an online Indication of Interest between 1 Jun and 7 Jun 2021 

You may refer to the MOE website at go.gov.sg/P1reg for updates on the 2021 P1 Registration exercise.

Note: 2021 P1 Registration for Phase 1 is for a child who has a sibling currently studying in the school. The child to be registered must be a Singapore Citizen (SC) / Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) and be born between 2 January 2015 and 1 January 2016 (both dates inclusive). 

Parents are to submit the online form at https://go.gov.sg/p1onlineform  by 25 May 2021 (Tue).  

For Parents/Guardians of students on Leave of Absence (LOA) and/or have no access to Parents Gateway only
If you are not registering your child for the 2021 P1 Registration exercise, please give a NIL reply to fmsp@moe.edu.sg latest by 25 May 2021.

False Information
A child who has been allocated a place in a school based on false information given by the registrant during the Primary One Registration Exercise will be transferred to another school that still has vacancies.

Parents may check the home-school distance category from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) OneMap SchoolQuery at https://www.onemap.sg/index.html