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Download Forms

Parent Volunteer Application Form (40 hours)
Parents who wish to apply as Parent Volunteer to our school can apply online via FormSG link: https://go.gov.sg/fmsp-parentvolunteerp12025intake
Current application is open for children born in 2018 only and the application period will close on 31 May 2023
Parents will be notified of the outcome via email by end of June 2023.
Application Form for Transfer and Admission
Parents who wish to transfer their child/ward to our school in 2023 can apply online via FormSG link: https://go.gov.sg/fmsptransfer-admission2023

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Application for Leave of Absence (LOA)

i) Parents can apply LOA for their children online via FormSG link: https://go.gov.sg/fmsp-leaveofabsence 
based on only the following reasons:

     Parents are on overseas posting; OR 
     Parents are attending to their business overseas; OR 
     Parents are going overseas for a company-related training/further studies. 

ii) Parents can submit the LOA application form and supporting documents such as Overseas Posting Letter by the company, overseas school admission letter, overseas residential address etc. via FormSG as shown above to the school’s General Office.

iii) The Application processing time takes about 5 working days.

iv) School will notify parents on the status of the application.

v) LOA is to be renewed yearly and parents are to re-apply for their child’s LOA by November of each year for the following year.

Incomplete and unsubstantiated forms (e.g., without supporting documents) will not be considered.