29 Sep 2015
29 September 2015

Dear Parents, 
I hope this email finds all of you in good health.  Following up from my letter to you on 16th September 2015 detailing the haze management measures the school will take based on the guidelines corresponding to MOH’s health advisory, I would like to give you further information.
Announcements of School Closure
During this period where the PSI levels can rise quickly into the hazardous range (>300), please keep a lookout for media announcements from the Ministry of Education which will be issued in the evenings. These will be the most reliable sources of information regarding school closure. While the school will also send out alerts to parents via SNAC as well as email, there could be some delay due to overloading of the various systems.
PSLE Written Examinations (1 Oct to 7 Oct 2015)
As the PSLE commences this Thursday, we have made arrangements for the examination to be conducted in the air-conditioned hall and 5 special rooms which are also air-conditioned.  Special care will be taken to ensure that our Primary 6 students are given the optimum conditions to do their best. The well-being of our Primary 1 to Primary 5 students will also be taken into consideration should the PSI level increase into the ‘very unhealthy’ (>200) range during the PSLE written examinations.  This morning, the school successfully carried out a full evacuation exercise and all our children were housed in air-conditioned spaces so that learning can continue.  This is in anticipation and preparation in case of a worsening haze situation based on the 3-hr PSI reading and the forecast provided by NEA.
School-based Examinations
For school-based written and oral examinations for Primary 1 to Primary 5, should MOE announce a school closure during the examination period, the examinations will be rescheduled to the earliest possible date.  We will inform you through SNAC / email of the details accordingly, so please look out for these messages.
CCAs and Afternoon Programmes
If the PSI goes into the ‘very unhealthy’ (>200) range, CCAs involving physical activity (both indoor and outdoor) will be cancelled.  At hazardous range (>300), all CCAs and afternoon programmes will be cancelled.  The CCA teachers and teachers of the respective programmes will keep you and your child informed of any cancellation of CCA/afternoon programme before school dismissal on the same day.
Masks and Snacks
We ask that parents equip their children each with a mask that can be worn when the PSI level goes up into the unhealthy range and beyond.  Each child should take the responsibility to put his/her mask on when he/she is outdoors eg. during school dismissal.  We also encourage children to bring their snacks to school for recess in the event that the PSI levels are very high and the children should consume food indoors.
We seek your understanding on the above.  The well-being of our children is our priority and the school will continue to work closely with you during this haze period.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely, 
Mrs Chaillan Mui Tuan