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P2-P5 SA2 SPT 

13 Nov 2014

Date:13 November 2014
Attachment:SA2 P2 2014 SPT

SA2 P3 2014 SPT
 SA2 P4 2014 SPT 
 SA2 P5 2014 SPT 

13 November 2014

Dear Parents/ Guardians,
The Subject Percentile Tables (SPT) has been uploaded for your reference. The SPT is an in-depth analysis of your child's performance in each subject. Kindly note that the SPT will only be provided for subjects that have more than 9 candidates who have sat for the paper.

We hope that the SPT proves useful to you and your child, and that together, we will work towards improving his/her learning.

Please click on the attachments above to download the documents.

Let us continue our partnership and efforts in educating our children.

Thank you.

Exam Committee 2014
Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)