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School Information

School's Crest & Motto

The emblem of the heart which forms the central motif of the school crest represents the highest of all emotions Love - the love of God for Man and the love of Man for his neighbour.

When the heart is Pure and Honest, the Holy Spirit can dwell within and transform the nature of the individual, ennobling it and refining it.

Summounting the heart is the torch of Knowledge and Wisdom which can illuminate the mind and broaden the vision of all who seek its light. Emblazoned in a band of burnished gold across the emblem of the heart are the initials of the school; it represents the Loyalty for the Alma Mater. The two stars that are at the base of the crest reflect the school motto, PURE & HONEST, ideals which every student should aspire to attain.

School Song
A world has opened for us
A world that’s bright and gay
A world that’s full of interest
Since to school we found our way
It’s a world that’s full of gladness
And we’re happy all the day
And we learn that only busy folks
Can be bright and true and gay
It’s at Fairfield, at Fairfield
Where all the world is bright
Where love is in the sunshine
And our hearts are gay and light
Oh! It’s Fairfield, at Fairfield
Where all the world is bright
Where love is in the sunshine
And our hearts are gay and light

There we live and work and study
There we walk in wisdom’s ways
Gaining strength for all the future
Far and near we’ll sing thy praise
May blessings be upon thee
May many find thy halls
May the leaders of the future
Be found within thy walls
Here’s to Fairfield, to Fairfield
To every student here
To every happy Fairsian
And to every teacher dear
Oh! It’s Fairfield, at Fairfield
Where all our hearts are light
Where love is in the sunshine
And all the world is bright

School Hymn
Bless this school, O Lord we pray
Make it safe by night and day
Bless these pupils, bright and gay
Keep them out of evil’s way
Bless the teachers, Lord, we ask
May they find joy in their task
Bless the clerks and servants too
May they serve Thee ever true
May we by Thee guided be
From now till eternity
Bless those who belong to Thee
May they continue to be
Ever faithful, ever kind
Letting God’s light in them shine
Bless us all that we may be
Fit, O Lord, to dwell with thee
Bless us all that we one day
May dwell, O Lord, with Thee

School Mission
To provide a holistic education in a Christian environment so as to nurture leaders of good character, equipped to serve God, nation, community and school.

School Vision
Leaders of the future pursuing excellence, upholding strong Christian moral values and having a heart to serve.

Core Values
Love and Reverence for God . Integrity . Resilience . Respect . Serving and Giving

Core Values.jpg
Strategic Thrust 1 : Achieving Excellence and Engagement in Learning
Strategic Thrust 2 : Building Character and Leadership
Strategic Thrust 3 : Developing Staff Competencies
Strategic Thrust 4 : Embracing Collaborative Partnerships