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School Distinction Award (SDA)


Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) is a school distinguished by its unique blend of valuing its rich heritage and creating a sustainable future. It aspires to equip each Fairsian with knowledge and skills for the new workplace yet placing paramount emphasis on character building and a strong sense of identity and rootedness. Each child entrusted to the school will emerge as a morally upright individual, a confident leader and a concerned citizen, leveraging on Christian values and principles to serve as a moral compass and to overcome the unexpected. Beyond an excellent holistic education in the academic, sporting and aesthetic domains, Fairfield aims to give each Fairsian a ‘heart' so that he can feel, imagine, dream and hope. In the journey to nurture the ‘head' in each child, it is hoped that the Fairsian will become a life-long learner who can make connections to the real world, solve problems and generate new solutions. Ultimately, each Fairsian will stretch out his ‘hand' to others - to care for others and to serve his family, his school, his community and his country with purity and honesty. This is encapsulated in the school's mission and vision:

Mission : To provide a holistic education in a Christian environment so as to nurture leaders of good character, equipped to serve God, nation, community and school.

Vision : Leaders of the future pursuing excellence, upholding strong Christian moral values and having a heart to serve.

Distinctive/Significant Features

School Culture

The school values of integrity, respect, resilience and service drive the school's culture of care. Beginning with school leadership and permeating to staff expectations and pupil outcomes, role-modelling of school values is a hallmark of the Fairfield culture. This is supported by daily devotions, weekly lifeskills lessons, and a robust Reward and Recognition system that recognizes the demonstration of desired behaviour by pupils.

Helming the school's belief in strong fundamentals in character education are Fairfield's signature 6-year programmes, developed over the past decade, in lifeskills, community involvement and service learning, physical and outdoor education, aesthetic development, co-curricular activities and leadership development. Together, these programmes come together to provide authentic experiences for the pupils to learn and role-model school values.

The culture of care and innovation is fundamentally fuelled by the school staff, who uphold the philosophy that every teacher is a teacher-leader and a servant-leader. They believe that they have the autonomy and the ability to make a positive difference to each child's life. In addition, Fairfield staff display a high level of school engagement and teamwork in order to cater to differing abilities of pupils.

Curriculum Innovation - To raise the 21st century learner

Towards the objective of raising the 21st century learner who is able to communicate effectively, collaborate with others and think creatively, Fairfield teachers strive to promote pupil engagement and a love for learning. Envisioning itself to be a hub for innovative pedagogies and a leader in curriculum innovation, Fairfield rode on the PERI Holistic Assessment prototyping journey to sharpen teachers' competency in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. The refinement of the weekly Professional Sharing platform and the choice of Lesson Study as the main curriculum innovation tool provided structures for teachers to be engaged in innovative practices. Such practices include experiential and authentic learning activities, out-of-school learning journeys and ICT learning trails. The focus on teacher competency has resulted in progressive teacher development and a spike in teacher confidence in their professional practice, leading to Fairfield teachers sharing good practices at the cluster, zone, national and international platforms in the past few years.

Cultivating a Heart of Service in a Global World

Fairfield's 6-year community involvement cum service learning programme aims to cultivate the heart of service in every Fairsian. The attitudes of care and respect developed in earlier years culminate in the service learning outreach to orphanages in Batam for all Primary 6 pupils. Appropriate scaffolding, such as knowledge in geography and culture, is provided to enable Primary 6 pupils to plan and conduct teaching of skills to children in the orphanages. The Primary 5 Uniformed Groups and student leaders also troop to Cambodia to serve an orphanage and 2 Primary schools on a yearly basis.

Future Challenges

Key Challenges

In view of staff movement and renewal, the key challenge would be to ensure and sustain a robust staff culture of care and innovation and to inspire teachers so that they are highly engaged and continue to grow in their professional practice.

School's Contribution

Fairfield has actively shared its best practices with the teaching fraternity in the areas of holistic assessment, teaching and learning framework, integration of ICT into pedagogy, ‘knowing the child' philosophy and Modular LEAPS CCA at multiple platforms. Fairfield is also the Centre of Learning for English Language in the South 2 Cluster.