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Best Practice Awards (BPA)

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) also achieved the following in 2012 :

  • Best Practice Award for Student All-Round Development
  • Best Practice Award for Teaching and Learning
  • Best Practice Award for Staff Well-Being

The best practice awards that the school has achieved are testimony to Fairfield's excellent holistic education that caters to all-round student development. The school has spelt out specific goals for its pupils using the Fairfield Outcomes. With the end in mind, it uses existing platforms for character building to deepen school strengths and to achieve these goals. It has also seized opportunities given through the PERI recommendations, such as holistic assessment, to consolidate teaching and learning practices to cater to pupil engagement.

The school uses various frameworks, namely teaching and learning, co-curricular programmes, citizenship education and student leadership frameworks to guide in the planning and implementation of programmes. These programmes constitute the 6-year structures that infuse the Fairfield Outcomes at different platforms (for example, learning journeys, 6-year ICT-infused curriculum, 6-year lifeskills programme, 6-year PE and Outdoor Education programme).

One of Fairfield's signature programmes for school-wide character building is the Reward and Recognition (R&R) scheme. A whole-school approach is taken to reward pupils for displaying the school core values. This scheme values pupils' effort and their progress in character development. Platforms used to observe defined behavioural outcomes include learning journeys, school activities and CCAs.

To track and to assess pupils' achievement of the Fairfield Outcomes, the school uses the Holistic Development Profile (HDP). This HDP gives an overall view of a child's semestral progress for the attributes of each Fairfield Outcome. This information is communicated to parents. Teachers and parents would then work hand in hand to help the child realise his potential.

To view a Fairfield Student's All-Round Development in his primary education, please click on the file below:

Fairfield Student All-Round Development