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Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Teachers’ Day, our Fairfield teachers received lots of appreciation from our students through handwritten cards, class performances to entertain them, and for the more tech-savvy students, self-produced videos to bless our teachers.  These thoughtful gestures are a way for our students to show gratitude by remembering the source of their blessings and giving thanks for it. Hence, it was so fitting that the theme for this year’s Teachers’ Day was 100% Gratitude. Do encourage your child to show their gratitude to the teachers not just on Teachers’ Day, but at every opportunity they can! Do access the websites to continue to cheer on the teachers!

MOE Message portal: https://thankyoucher.edu.sg
Caring Teacher Awards 2022: https://www.cta.nie.edu.sg 

Term 4 is typically the busiest term for the school. As many of our students prepare for their Semestral Assessment (SA) 2, again I wish to remind our parents that as much as we take the SA as a check on our children’s academic learning, it is equally important to focus on their social, emotional and character development as well. Be intentional to find strengths, positive behaviours and acts to commend and affirm them, and look beyond just the marks as a definition of their whole person. While one of our educational goals is to help our students excel academically, we also want them to learn important life skills and values that contribute to their academic achievement.  I have shared with our students that I had often forgotten the contents of what I learned after each exam, but I will not forget the emotions (yes, there were anxieties and worries) and hard work that went in to help me through each one. Ultimately, these are the learning experiences that endure with me till today.

With the COVID situation continuing to evolve and the school responding to the changes along the way, our teachers continue to keep a close watch on our students’ mental wellness while keeping teaching and learning robust. I urge our parents to constantly keep communication lines with your child and teachers open and support the school’s structures and strategies that we take to support your child’s learning, so that together, our work to nurture your child holistically can be effective in yielding the fruits we desire.

To God be the Glory!

In partnership with you,
Mdm Law Li Mei