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Nurturing confident and eloquent communicators of the Tamil Language.

Key Programmes 

P1 & P2 Speech and Drama Course

The P1 and P2 Tamil students had a memorable experience dramatizing a story and acting it out. The drama was put up by the students after a 10 weeks course. Parents had the opportunity to come and see their children’s acting skills!
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Learning Journeys P1 – P4
The students have an opportunity to go to different venues each year and learn about the places in Tamil. The activities given to the students vary each year.

P1: The Singapore Zoo
P2: River Safari
P4: Indian Heritage Centre (In conjunction with MTL Fortnight)

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Level Competitions (MTL Fortnight)
Different competitions are organized for all levels during the MTL Fortnight week. They were given time to prepare for the competitions and trophies are given for the outstanding students!

P1: Singing
P2: Fancy Dress
P3: Characterization
P4: News Reading
P5: Comedy Presentation
P6: ICT Presentation
Tamil Language and Cultural Festival (TLCF)
It is the 8th year of the Tamil Department organizing the TLCF. This year, there was a change in the type of activities conducted for the students, and they had an enjoyable time, learning more about Tamil language and culture. Together with the selfless help from our PIEs, the event was a success and we will continue to make it better each year.

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P5 Spelling Bee Competitions
This year, some Primary 5 Tamil students were involved in the Spelling Bee competition organized by Mediacorp Tamil Seithi. Students were involved in different types of spelling challenges and they managed to enter quarter finals. Such exposure to external competitions enables the students to learn outside of the classroom as well.

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Updated as at Term 3, 2019