"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; 
                                                                                                                               apart from me you can do nothing." 
                                                                                                                                                      (John 15:5)
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Nurturing confident and eloquent communicators of the Tamil Language.

Key Programmes and Highlights

South Cluster Competitions (2013)

Last year, we collaborated with our South Cluster schools (Blangah Rise Pri Sch, Cantonment Pri, Fairfield Methodist Sch (Pri), New Town Pri Sch, Pei Tong Pri Sch and Queenstown Pri Sch) to organize competitions for our pupils. There were different competitions organized for each level.

  • P1 – Singing
  • P2 – Show and Tell
  • P3 – Story Telling
  • P4 – Drama
  • P5 – Oratorical
  • P6 – Advertising

Students from each school participated with zest and they used this competition as a platform to even find new friends.

MTL Fortnight Programmes

MTL Fortnight is a new initiative introduced by MOE. MTL Fortnight was organized in Fairfield by the Tamil Teachers for the Tamil students to emphasize the usage of Tamil Language and to know more about our culture as well. We had a colourful opening ceremony by Chinese, Malay and Tamil students on the first day of the MTL Fortnight. We conducted various activities in Tamil for students of all levels during curriculum hours.


There were classroom activities conducted in Tamil, which included Language Games such as Word Formation, Story Creation, Scrabble (in Tamil), Drama and Characterization. Last year, we introduced a Tamil Language and Cultural Festival for all students from all levels. It was conducted after school hours with the help of our PIEs.


The students indeed enjoyed themselves and learnt many useful things!

Learning Journeys

  • P1 - Bird Park
  • P2 - Frog and Goat Farm
  • P3 - Underwater World
  • P4 - Changi Airport


Pongal Santhai

We organized a trip to Little India in the month of January to have a look at what Pongal is about and how it is being celebrated. The P4, P5 and P6 students had a chance to see cows and buy sweets and savouries back home.



Internal Competitions (S2 Cluster Competition)

Level Category Student’s Name Prize
Primary 2 Show and Tell M Sahana Sherene First
Primary 3 Story Telling Saadhanashri Consolation
Primary 4 Drama Adhvika &
Primary 5 Oratorical Nivedha Second
Primary 6 Advertisement Vaibhav &

External Competitions

Venue Level Category Student’s Name Prize
Toa Payoh CC P4 Singing Lorchana Second

ICT Competition

Class Name Competition Prize Organizer
Jefi Evelin John
Monisha Jayachandran
Krishna Ravichandran
Vaibhav Sudhakar
Timothy Jabez
Tamil ICT S2 Cluster Competition 1st Blangah Rise Primary School

Update as of Semester 1, 2014