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Nurturing confident and eloquent speakers of the Malay Language.

Global Outlook

In March 2017, the Malay Language students embarked on their cultural immersion trip to Brunei Darussalam. For most of the Primary 4, 5 and 6 student, this was a first time experience being on an overseas trip with their friends. They managed to experience and appreciate the natural beauty of Brunei Darussalam and gain knowledge on the Bruneian tradition and cultures. The students were given the opportunity to experience the school culture in Brunei and bond with their Bruneian counterparts.

Before embarking on their journey back to Singapore, some of the students purchased souvenirs for their loved ones for remembrance. This trip has definitely created many beautiful memories for the students and allowed them to be independent and responsible for themselves as well as those around them.

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Programmes and Highlights

Speech & Drama Enrichment Course for P1 and P2

In our effort to nurture confident and eloquent speakers, a Speech & Drama Enrichment Course was incorporated into the P1 and P2 curriculum in Term 3 & 4. Through these 7-week lessons, students will acquire the skills and techniques needed for storytelling, poetry recitation and acting.
This course will culminate in a performance at the end of the session to display what the students have learnt.

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Learning Journeys P1 – P4
The students have an opportunity to go to different venues each year and learn about the places in Tamil. The activities given to the students vary each year.

P1: The Singapore Zoo
P2: River Safari
P4: Malay Heritage Centre (In conjunction with MTL Fortnight)

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2019
Different activities were organised for all levels during the MTL Fortnight week. They were exposed to the different aspect of the Malay arts, culture and tradition such as playing of Malay traditional games such batu seremban (five stones), congkak and gasing. They also managed to have a hand on experience of the batik painting.

Updated as at Term 3, 2019