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Developing & Nurturing confident users of the Chinese Language.


Reading Programme
“每天一首诗”is a reading programme catering to all P1 to P5 students. The objective of this programme aims to expose students to short, comprehensible reading materials and pique their interest through the use of rhyme, imagery etc. The daily introduction of poetry includes numerous poems written by various famous poets.

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Speech & Drama Enrichment Course for P1 and P2
Speech & Drama Enrichment Course is infused into the P1 and P2 curriculum to nurture confident and eloquent speakers. During the lessons, students will acquire the skills and techniques needed for story-telling, poetry recitation and acting. At the end of the course, the students will showcase a short musical performance.

Speech & Drama Enrichment Course (P1&P2)-1.jpeg Speech & Drama Enrichment Course (P1&P2)-2.jpeg
Speech & Drama Enrichment Course (P1&P2)-3.jpeg Speech & Drama Enrichment Course (P1&P2)-4.jpeg
Speech & Drama Enrichment Course (P1&P2)-5.jpeg Speech & Drama Enrichment Course (P1&P2)-6.jpeg
Speech & Drama Enrichment Course (P1&P2)-7.jpeg Speech & Drama Enrichment Course (P1&P2)-8.jpeg

Learning Journey for P1 to P4 students
Learning journeys to various places of Singapore are planned for various levels to infuse the joy of learning Chinese language through authentic experiential learning. These include Primary 1 – Jurong Bird Park, Primary 2 - River Safari, Primary 3 – theatrical performance, Primary 4 – Chinatown Heritage Centre.

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Learning Journey for P1 to P4-3.jpeg Learning Journey for P1 to P4-4.jpeg
Learning Journey for P1 to P4-5.jpg Learning Journey for P1 to P4-6.jpeg

Cultural Immersion Programme for P5 students
The CL department has been organising cultural immersion tour to China for selected P5 students annually since 2007. The objective of the cultural immersion programme serves to provide an authentic experience for the students to learn and use Chinese language beyond Singapore and gain a better understanding of the Chinese culture. Every year, a selected group of P5 students will be given the opportunity to participate in the programme. During the programme, students will attend lessons, enrichment courses and participate in outdoor activities with their local buddies.

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Cultural Immersion Programme for P5-3.jpg Cultural Immersion Programme for P5-4.jpg

Mother-Tongue Language Fortnight
The MTL Fortnight is organized annually to enable students to learn and use MTL in fun and engaging ways. Throughout these two weeks, different competitions and activities are organized to encourage students to use Chinese Language and appreciate the culture and arts associated with Chinese language, which serves to enhance the learning experience beyond daily studies and fuel their interest in learning Chinese Language.

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Mother-Tongue Language Fortnight-7.jpeg Mother-Tongue Language Fortnight-8.jpeg

Lead with character, serve with a heart

This picture-book is a project done by the teachers from FMSP's Chinese Language department.

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