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ICT Department


Enrich all Fairsians’ learning and enhance collaboration with ICT. Every Fairsian competent in New Media Literacies to navigate the cyber world safely and effectively.
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ICT in Teaching & Learning

The school adopts an ICT integration plan which integrates ICT into various subjects to achieve the baseline standards as well as develop New Media Literacies. Broad skills that students will learn over the six years include: Searching for and organising information, Evaluating information and Creating and Collaborating on digital artefacts. Students will also gain Technical Understanding of different
apps – both software and hardware, as well as learn to be guided by the Cyber Wellness Principles in their interactions online.

Key Programme & Highlights

  • Virtual Campus: Microsoft Teams
  • Collaborative learning: Google Apps, Student Learning Space
  • Digital Creation: Radio Capsule Podcast, Use of Chroma Key, Google Apps
  • Learning Trails for in-school and outdoor learning: Shopping Trail, Zoo visit, Learning Journeys
  • Cyber Wellness programmes

Facilities & Infrastructure

ICT Department

School Library

The school library aims to provide a conducive environment to excite and promote reading. Thematic displays and recommended books are refreshed frequently to interest students in different genres of books. 

We also engage partners such as Civica and NLB, with programmes designed to cater to pupils of different reading levels. The programmes focus on research skills, collaboration, readership or the promotion of library resources. The programmes complement other on-going school activities such as International Friendship Day, National Day, and many more.

The online library catalogue is accessible here: Click here to access