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Visual Performing Arts CCA


Congratulations to all our School Team members of the Performing Arts CCAs for their sustained achievement in the arts! They have truly displayed resilience, pursued excellence and have made Fairfield proud.
Below are the results for Singapore Youth Festival 2018 Arts Presentation:

Performing Arts CCAsAward Certification
Band (Concert)Certificate of Accomplishment
ChoirCertificate of Distinction
Dance (Chinese)  Certificate of Distinction
 Instrumental Ensemble (Handbell)Certificate of Distinction


Chinese Dance


Handbell Ensemble


Concert Band



Chinese Dance

With the experience and dedication of the dance instructors, the students not only learn about the culture of dance, they also develop leadership skills and acquire positive values like perseverance, self-discipline and commitment. This year, 2018, the team attained the prestigious Distinction Award at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) presentation. They were also invited to perform at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre during the SYF celebrations. The dancers continue to seek greater challenges through outdoor performances and other learning opportunities.


Chinese Dance Performance@ Esplanade Outdoor Theatre for SYF 2018 Celebrations

Handbell Ensemble

The FMS(P) Handbell Ensemble was formed in 2009. The team comprises members from Primary Two to  Primary Six. The team is led by our Instructor, Mr Damien Lim. During training, the members not only learn the skills of handling and ringing the bells, they also learn to be responsible team players. So far, the Handbell Ensemble has showcased their talent at the SYF Arts Presentation 2018, Fairfield’s Night of STARs and Founder’s Day Service.


Left: Handbell members during rehearsals.


Our choir is made up of passionate girls and boys who simply delight in singing. With the dedicated devotion and commitment of our Choral Instructor, Ms Susanna Pua and our choir teachers, the choir has been exposed to several performing platforms and has consistently achieved the Certificate of Distinction for the past 3 SYFs.

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) choir is designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive qualities of our members’ voices. It comprises of the Junior Choir (P2 & P3) and the Senior Choir (P4 to P6). Our choir has been very active this year. It performed in various platforms such as SYF Arts Presentation 2018, Night of STARs, combined choir exchange at School Of The Arts (SOTA), performance at National Art Gallery and combined choir performances with Grace Orchard School and was a guest choir at Raffles Girls School’s “A Cantare V: The Visitor”. Through the choir practices, students learn to apply musical skills to create and experience music as an ensemble.


Bottom right: Mdm Law, our principal encouraging the choir right before their SYF 2018 presentation


The FMS(P) school concert band is made up of  members from Primary Two to  Primary Six and  is led by Band Instructor, Mr Wong Yin Xuan.  Members not only learn the skill of playing different instruments such as Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion, they also learn to be responsible team players.  The school band received the Certificate of Accomplishment in SYF 2018 and performed like the other Performing Art CCAs on many school occasions such as SYF Arts Presentation 2018, Fairfield’s Night of STARs and Honour’s Day.


Left: Our school band practising right before a performance


Right: Band Performance at Fairfield’s Night of STARs

Night of STARs (Shining Through the ARts)

Night of STARs is a biennial concert that celebrates students’ talents in the performing arts CCA, namely the Band, Chinese Dance, Choir and Handbell Ensemble. STARS stands for Shining Through the ARtS. It is a platform created to give members the opportunity to showcase their talents in the arts, and to give them the performance exposure in preparation for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation, which takes place once every two years.




SYF 2017 Art Exhibition

The theme for SYF 2017 was Artist and Space. Our Visual Art CCA students submitted three artworks. Their art creations are shown below. See below to read our students' creative process in making their artworks!