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General Music Programme

Primary 1 students creating and clapping their own rhythmic ostinatos using ice-cream sticks


Aesthetics Day is a special day set aside for all pupils from Primary 1 to 6 to perform on a 360-degree stage. Organised by the Aesthetics department, the event aims to nurture confident Fairsians who are appreciative of the arts. On that day, students’ musical talents are showcased through various performances based on the music curriculum (e.g. ukulele, ethnic drums, keyboard, song and dance). It is a fun occasion where everybody takes turn to perform as well as be a supportive and appreciative audience.


Primary 6s performing on the ukulele for Fairfield’s Aesthetics Day 2018


More hand actions and singing by the Primary 1s and 2s


Keyboard performances by the Primary 3s and 4s


SYF 2019 Song Writing Contest - Top 15 Award

This year, Nadyezhda Wong Yen Hyi, Primary 3B won the SYF 2019 Songwriting Contest Top 15 award, with her song, entitled, “Past and Present Singapore”.


Past and Present Singapore
Composed by Nadyehzda Wong, Primary 3B

Verse 1
Sitting on my swing,
Swinging to the sky,
Looking at the city thinking what it used to be.
Back and forth the swing,
Then and now the scenes,
200 years, 54 years where do I begin?

Then we built sandcastles in the playground, sat on the see-saw with friends. 
Now our parents sit around and wait for our playtime to end. 

Past and present, many faces, we are Singapore.
Streets and houses may be different, we are still one people. 
Hopscotch, five-stones, pick-up-sticks or with the new iPad.
Fun and games we shared,
In a place that is home,
This is where I call my Singapore. 

Wherever you may go,
There is no place like home,
This is where I call my Singapore.  

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary), Junyuan Primary School, South View Primary School, Yuhua Primary School were the 4 primary schools who won the top 15 award for SYF 2019 Song Writing Contest. Check out all the winning songs written by students from the Primary School, Secondary School, and JC/CI levels. 


Nadyezhda attending the SYF 2019 Songwriting Masterclass together with students from Junyuan Primary School, South View Primary School and Yuhua Primary School by Mr Jerry (local music arranger/composer) at FMS(P) Performing Arts Studio (PAS).


Primary school music teachers and students at the SYF 2019 Song Writing Masterclass with vocal coach, Ms Regine. 

SYF 2019 Celebrations - Festival Concert 

As Nadyezhda's song tugged the heartstrings of the SYF panel of judges, she was invited by the MOE SYF committee to sing her song live at the SYF 2019 Festival Concert held at Esplanade Theatre. 

On 6 July 2019, FMS(P) saw its inaugural performance, represented by Nadyezhda Wong, P3B, singing her song at the SYF 2019 Festival Concert Finale.




Nadyezhda with other performers from the Primary school, Secondary school and JC/CI levels at SYF 2019 Festival Concert Finale on 6 July 2019 at Esplanade Theatre!

SYF 2019 Celebrations - Youth Station Project

On Saturday, 7 July 2019, Nadyezhda also performed her song at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre to reach out to the wider community.



All students performers who won the Top 15 Awards for SYF 2019 Song Writing Contest from Primary School, Secondary School and Junior Colleges/Centralized Institution levels.



Nadyezhda with her music teacher who guided her throughout this period, Mrs Serena Chan.

SYF 2019 Celebrations @ The Community

On Saturday, 6 July, 2019, we also saw our young talent – Sarah Nicole Cheok, P2J, who was invited by MOE to represent FMS(P) and perform at Kampung Admiralty Community Plaza to reach out to the community through dance. Her performance was very well received by the audience at Kampung Admiralty Community Plaza. 

Well done, Sarah! 


130th Founder’s Day Theme Song Writing Masterclass and Mentoring Session

To allow our students an opportunity to learn more about songwriting and appreciate works from local composers, we engaged a professional from the creative industry and ex-Fairsian, Ms Elaine Chan. She mentored the student songwriters who composed the winning theme song and guided them on how to enhance it. She also conducted a masterclass for all interested students and shared tips on songwriting. The students also had a fun time singing famous NDP tunes composed by Ms Chan such as NDP 2005 theme song “Reach out for the skies” and NDP 2013 theme song “One Singapore”. Students even had a chance to co-create a song together with her! What a musical treat it was for our Fairsians! The masterclass was held on 3 July 2018 at the FMS(P) Performing Arts Studio (PAS).





Youth Arts Workshops

Coding Workshop

Drumming Workshop

Acoustic Guitar Workshop

SYF Songwriting Competition 2018

Congratulations Fairsians for doing us proud! This year, our students participated in the SYF 2018 Songwriting Contest and they clinched an award! Josher Lo and Joel Tan of 6G won the consolation award for their original song titled “We are the Youth”. 
Click on this link to see more details:





Left: Josher singing and playing the flute during the recording session. Right: Joel playing the drums for recording. 

Official launch of Youth Station at National Library Board (NLB), Singapore on 7 July 2018



Live Concert! 8 July 2018 @ National Library Board (NLB), Singapore Ground Plaza



130th Founder’s Day Theme Song Writing Contest

This contest, which was a joint effort with Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) saw a total of 11 entries. 5 songs were selected based on the three criteria – melody, lyrics and arrangement. All winners received a crystal plaque and a professional music recording experience. To extend our their musical learning, the songwriters of the winning theme song will also attend a mentoring session conducted by a professional from the creative industry.

Congratulations to all winners! (By no order of rank)

No.Name of Student(s)ClassSchoolSong Title Award
1.Ang Jan Tsi, Leo Kit Yee and Natalie Hu
6HFMS(P)One Fairfield Family Overall Winner
2.Wong Yen Hyi, Nadyezhda2CFMS(P)The Fairfield SongTop 4 FInalists
 3. Sarah Yeo Shu En  4DFMS(P)  One Fairfield Top 4 FInalists 
 4.  Tan Rei Soong Joel 6GFMS(P) 130 Years of Grace  Top 4 FInalists 
 5. Song Yi Ci, Dahlia Tay and Leia Mow  2BFMS(S)  One Fairfield Top 4 FInalists

Updated as at Term 3, 2019