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General Art Programme

Through a purposeful and well-designed art curriculum, we hope to develop students who are confident, imaginative and inquisitive. Our six-year programme is based on the theme of Singapore and the World with the objective to foster a sense of respect for Singapore’s diverse cultures and awareness of local history.

Art Curriculum Programme.jpg
Based on a belief that art has a vital role in the world (see figure above), our art education framework aims to infuse the values of art through an Expose, Enable and Excel (see figure above) approach. This framework allows our teachers to maximize the learning platforms for different mediums, various important artists, and selected famous artworks for all students; and further nurture and develop students who display a propensity for making art.

Our basic philosophy on art education is: ignite students’ passion for the subject through a participative and appreciative platform so as to mirror the practice of art making in the real world. Students are therefore encouraged to share and exhibit ideas and creations and at the same time learn and appreciate other people’s ideas and creations.


To allow our students to envision their future housing and living, our P6 students were involved in a community Art Project in collaboration with Housing Development Board (HDB). Their artworks captured their aspirations in both paint and digital art mediums. Our students’ artworks will be showcased in May during the HDB Community Week 2021 – an exhibition curated by local artist, Mr Sun Yu-li. These exhibited artworks will inspire the planning and design of future HDB towns, neighbourhoods and flats. 


FMS(P) Featured in HDB’s Newsletter:
Our student, Enoch See’s thoughts and artwork was also published in HDB’s newsletter Issue 29 of the Life Storeys. You may download or view the full PDF publication on the HDB’s website: http://hdb.gov.sg/lifestoreys


SYF 2021 Art Exhibition

Theme: Artist and Technology

Congratulations to our P5 – 6 Visual Art Club students for attaining the Certificate of Recognition for SYF 2021 Art Exhibition with their artwork entitled, “Our Digital Community”. Read below to see their thoughts behind their artwork!

Aesthetic4 2.jpg

133rd Founder's Day Art Competition






Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2020 Celebrations Youth Station Project (Design Challenge)
The SYF 2020 Celebrations Youth Station Project (Design Challenge) is an annual national level contest to provide opportunities for students to further develop their interests and skills in graphic design, while showcasing their talents, artistic expression and creative voice.

This year, FMS(P) submitted 20 designs and one of our students’ artwork was shortlisted to be one of the finalists. In addition, our students’ artwork (which showcased the concept of a Rubik cube) was combined with 2 other schools’ artworks to make up the official SYF 2020 Celebrations design that will be used for all SYF communication and publicity materials!

Congratulations to our budding student artists!
Name of StudentAward
Finalist award Celebrations Youth Station Project (Design Challenge)



Click here to view our students’ art design featured in SYF Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SgYouthFest/photos/pcb.2971150039670286/2971149579670332/

Arts Assembly Programme

The Arts Assembly Programme is a platform which the Aesthetics Department harnesses to spread the values of an Arts education. These assembly sessions enable all students to develop basic appreciation skills in various art forms; for example, animation, manga drawing, sand art, and paper making.

Arts Assembly Programme-1.jpg

Arts Assembly Programme-2.jpg

Arts Learning Journeys

Learning journeys to SSO Concerts for Children and Art exhibitions are organised to enhance students’ appreciation of the Arts. Most recently, students visited the 2018 SYF exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore.

Arts Learning Journeys-1.jpg

Arts Learning Journeys-2.jpg

Art Exhibition @Fairfield 2020

Singapore Youth Festival 2019 Art Exhibition

Theme: Artist and Citizenship

Title of artwork SYF Certification Student Artists
Our SG Burger
Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)
Category B (Primary 3 – 4)
Alexis Lim En Yu (P3C)
Tan En-Qi (P4A)
Lim Enqi (P4A)
Naomi Tirto (P4A)
Jolie Ng Jia Xin (P4B)
Tan Hui En Charlotte (P4B) Delphina Tong She Hong (P4F) Chay Pei Yi (P4G)
Leanne Lam (P4G)

Our Inclusive Art Classroom
Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)
Lin En Qi (P4A)
Naomi Tirto (P4A)
Lee Ray Hern (P4A)
Jolie Ng Jia Xin (P4B)
Tan Hui En Charlotte (P4B)
Sahu Shlok Samsmrut (P4D) Delphina Tong She Hong (P4F)
Chay Pei Yi (P4G)
Leanne Lam (P4G)
Sun Wen Jun (P5B)
Chua Zhen Ting. Mindy (P5B) Tan En Qian, Melanie (P5B) Hannah Abigail Tan (P5B)
Yong Qin Ni (P5F)

As part of the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) @ FMS(P) - entitled HeARTS, with focus on developing empathy and building social awareness through the arts, the visual art team embarked on a research study project aimed to understand the meaning of inclusivity in a classroom, and how students from mainstream and SPED schools interact and collaborate through art.

This project was done over 5 months in Semester 1 (January – May 2019), and was facilitated by our art teacher, Mr Wong Yek Yue.

Through our students' verbal and written reflections and teachers' observations, we saw our students' growth in terms of having a positive growth mindset- understanding that people come from diverse profiles and cultures, accepting others and worked with their buddies from Grace Orchard School to co-create art for SYF 2019 Art Exhibition.

Aesthetics 171019 1.jpg
FMS(P) Visual Art Club students with Grace Orchard students and Art Teacher, Mr Wong Yek Yue and HOD (Aesthetics), Ms Michelle Yap
Photo credits: All students’ photos have sought permission from their parents to be featured online for SYF 2019 Art Exhibition.

On 5 July 2019, our students' artworks were featured at SYF 2019 Art Exhibition held at National Museum of Singapore. The exhibition space is entitled “Our Inclusive Art Classroom”.

Our students and teachers had the privilege to share with the event's guest-of-honour – Second Minister of Education and Finance – Ms Indranee Rajah (2019), and MOE Director General of Education (DGE), Mr Wong Siew Hoong and MOE Director of Schools (DOS), Ms Liew Wei Li, on their learning experience and the message behind each art work.

Our students were also featured on Channel News Asia news broadcasted on 5 July 2019 and on social media on Ms Indranee Rajah's (Second Minister of Education and Finance) Facebook page.

Second Minister of Education and Finance, Ms Indranee Rajah with students from FMS(P) Visual Art Club and Grace Orchard school at SYF 2019 Art Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore


Sun Wenjun (Head Prefect) and Melanie Tan from Primary 5B sharing with Ms Indranee Rajah on the message and inspiration behind their artwork.

2908193 (2).jpg
FMS(P) Art Club students had a special mention in Second Minister for Education and Finance, Ms Indranee Rajah’s facebook page on 6 July 2019.


Students from FMS(P) and Grace Orchard School with MOE Director General of Education (DGE), Mr Wong Siew Hoong.


Mr Wong Yek Yue (Teacher-in-charge) sharing with Director-General of Education,
Mr Wong Siew Hoong on how the art works were created and assembled together.


Melanie Tan from Primary 5B was interviewed by Channel News Asia and was featured in the broadcast news on 5 July 2019.


Featuring FMS(P) students with their group mate Atharrudin from Grace Orchard School with their artwork!


Our students are proud to be a Singaporean! Good job, Fairsians!


Principals, teachers and students of all who were involved in the SYF 2019 Art Exhibition project “Our Inclusive Art Classroom”.

FMS(P) Art Club students featured in SYF official website:
Read more here: https://www.singaporeyouthfestival.sg/art-exhibition/about-the-2019-exhibition
2) SYF 2019 Art Exhibition – Category B “The SG Burger” was awarded Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)
Aesthetics 171019 3.JPG

Aesthetics 171019 6.JPG

Documentation of  Student Artist SYF Journey 
Aesthetics 171019 8.JPG

What does the Singapore identity means to us?
What does it mean to be a Singapore citizen?
Why am I proud to be a Singapore?

Artmaking Process
Aesthetics 171019 9.jpg

We are all excited to start work. Cut the right amount of clay that we need. 

Aesthetics 171019 10.jpg

Use the rolling pin to flatten the clay to make the buns, tomato slices and meat patty in the burger.  

Aesthetics 171019 11.jpgAesthetics 171019 12.jpgAesthetics 171019 13.jpg

Making the greens for the burger.

Aesthetics 171019 14.jpgAesthetics 171019 15.jpg

Engraving the words on the Singapore passport.

Aesthetics 171019 16.jpgAesthetics 171019 17.jpg

Our buns cracked during bisque firing. Luckily, we managed to use styrofoam to make new buns.

We proudly present...
Aesthetics 171019 18.jpg

Aesthetics 171019 19.jpg

The SG Burger


The SYF 2019 Art Exhibition will be ongoing till 21 July 2019.  Do catch our artworks at the “Inclusive Art Classroom” and our “SG burger” at the National Museum of Singapore! Afterwhich, the artworks will be featured at FMS(P) Visual Art Trail (level 3). Look out for them!


During our 130th Founder’s Day carnival , the art department and our Primary 4 students contributed to the event by making artworks that were put up for sale. They were also helming the carnival booths. This event provided an opportunity for our students to appreciate the functional role of art-making in society and see for themselves how art can benefit the community.

Art Exhibition@FMS(P) 2018

Every year, the art department organizes an art exhibition to showcase students’ artworks as well as  for students to appreciate artworks of their peers. 

Singapore Youth Festival Logo Design Contest 2018

This contest was designed to celebrate and bring awareness to the diverse arts talents and achievements of our youth. 


130th Founder’s Day Art Competition

This year, we saw a total of 85 entries. The selection criteria were: originality, aesthetics qualities/visual appeal and relevance to the theme. 8 artworks were shortlisted, of which 3 were awarded Distinction and 5 were awarded Merit. All winners received a crystal plaque and a certificate of commendation. These winners got to attend an art mentoring programme designed to hone their artistic skills.

Congratulations to all winners! 

1.Shannon Tay JiaShyen2BDistinction
2.Natalie Wong Shuwen4BDistinction
3.Sarah Yap Yee Leng  5G Distinction
4.Ariel Tan Xinyu  2E Merit
5.Tan Hui En, Charlotte  3B Merit
6. Delphina Tong She Hong 3F Merit
7. Tan En Qian, Melanie 4D Merit
 8. Cheryl Chua Yingxin  5G Merit

Updated as at Term 3, 2019