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The aesthetics curriculum is further enhanced by our signature programme – LLP (Learning For Life Programme). LLP aims to allow students to develop empathy and build social awareness in a safe, positive, and inclusive environment through in-depth aesthetic project modules that highlights students’ voice and choice. Our LLP modules are specifically designed for our Primary 2, 3, 4 and 5 students. 

Primary 2 – Blessed to be a Blessing

Integrated in FTGP (Lifeskills) and Art lessons, this programme is facilitated by both Form teachers and Art teachers with the purpose to help students understand the concept of empathy through the use of story-telling based on the book “We’re all Wonders” featuring a child with disabilities named Auggie.

Through role-play, students learn about perspective-taking and acquire skills to enhance peer interaction as they learn how to better understand and care for their buddies in the class. As part of cultivating empathy, students were tasked to draw a portrait of Auggie to make him feel better about his looks and design a costume for Auggie and themselves. To teach our P2 students the value of sharing and caring, an outreach strategy is applied to allow our students connect with personnel from the health care sector. Students will show empathy and gratefulness through heart felt messages and artworks as a form of blessing.

Primary 3 - Music and Jive! (Dancesport)

The programme will allow students to be exposed to music of global cultures such as Cha Cha, Samba, Paso Doble and Jive. Through music appreciation and dance, students will not only acquire dance skills and appreciate the dance artform, but also develop values and competencies such as taking turns, patience and coordination and express themselves through dance in a group setting. 

Primary 4 - The Wallet Project (Emphathetic Design Thinking)

Using the tool of an empathy map and interview process to help students understand someone else’s feelings and thoughts, and help them to take perspectives, students will create a customised wallet to meet the needs of their buddy. These lessons, taught by the teacher are scaffolded using a learning journal and students will be exposed to a mix of authentic art tools and digital tools. Students will capture their works in padlets for peer and teacher feedback.

Primary 5 - Fairfield Song Stories

Based on the belief that every Fairsian has a story to share about their lives, emotions, challenges they face and joys they embrace – songs are a great way to share these stories. Music has always been a powerful medium of expression. In this programme facilitated by the music teacher, using the FEDRA approach, Primary 5 students will choose to assume a role such as the school’s gardener, teacher, principal, janitor, student, parent etc., and present to the class the key concerns they would face daily and put their thoughts into a song accompanied with both lyrics and melody. Through imagination and research, students will put themselves into another person’s shoes and cultivate empathy through the song writing process. 

In this programme, taking the form of project work model and are facilitated by the Music teachers – students are exposed to various aspects of song writing. In learning the various musical elements and forms, students took reference from original songs successfully written by their peers, of which a compilation or original songs started in 2019. Using a mix-model of inquiry-based learning and informal learning approach, students will research on an empathetic issue to create a song in hope to create awareness and/or uplift the hearts of others. Through working in groups, students will attain project management skills and digital Music skills using various ICT tools.

As part of extension of learning, students with higher aptitude, talents and interests are selected to join a masterclass and online consultation with the Music teachers to refine their song both vocals and backing track. Students are given the choice to participate in the SYF Youth Station project as part of their learning opportunity.

Arts Excite!

A school-wide approach to learning and appreciating arts. Across two weeks, students will have the opportunity to perform for their schoolmates. The performance consists of a myriad of music and dance genres from singing, dancing to instrumental playing such as the ukulele, boomwhackers and keyboard.Through attending concerts, students will demonstrate good concert etiquette and have the experience support their schoolmates by waving lightsticks in the air. 

Apart from Music and dance, students are also exposed to a wide range of art genres from 2D to 3D artworks which are displayed around the school at the annual Art Exhibition @ Fairfield. Exploring spaces, artworks are integrated into the environment such as the school garden and at the canteen area for students to appreciate and wonder. To engage our students in their learning, gamecards are created for students to complete various quests and activities to explore and know more about the arts beyond the classroom! 
Students also had the chance to play with jumping clay to make their favourite character and post it on the “Fairfield Fantasy Land” Board which showcases all the lovely and unique artworks created by Fairsians. In promoting inclusivity, the Fairfield Fantasy Land allows for students to co-create a large piece of artwork together!

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