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Every Fairsian is confident, cultured, and appreciative of the Arts and serves the community with his aesthetics talents.


To Expose our pupils to a broad array of aesthetics knowledge and experience through a holistic Arts education; Enable them to perform and practice their skills; and allow them to Excel in their pursuits.


As part of our school’s endeavour for students to develop empathy for others, our signature programme also known as Fairfield Song Stories aim to provide students a platform to express their voices and thoughts and bless the community through songs. 

In this time of fear and uncertainty during COVID-19, our hearts go out to those who are sick, their families, caregivers as well as all the frontline healthcare workers in Singapore giving their utmost best to help the patients and keep strong.

Under the guidance of our Music teachers, our P6 student, Jacob Neo wrote a song “Singapore, Unite as One” in 2020 as a tribute to our healthcare heroes and fellow Singaporeans.

“I wrote this song as I wish to encourage the healthcare workers to press on, the COVID-19 patients to stay strong and to my fellow Singaporeans – Unite as One!” – Jacob Neo, 2020

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Updated as at Term 3, 2021