"He who brings trouble to his family will inherit only wind, and the fool will be servant to the wise." 
                                                                                                                                                   (Proverbs 11:29)
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IT/MRL Department

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Every Fairsian is a self-directed learner who collaborates competently and enriches one another's learning experience through ICT.

Key Programme & Highlights

  • ICT Integration Plan (School-wide program to integrate baseline ICT skills into IP/CCP lessons to build 21st century competencies 21CC)
  • Cyberwellness programs ( for Students, Parents & Teachers)
  • Collaboration through Google Apps (ie. Google doc, forms, sites etc
  • Blogging (initiated by various language dept.)
  • Photography (Elementary & Advance)
  • Radio Capsule (Create Podcast for English and Mother Tongue)
  • Chromakey (Create lesson videos for engagement in learning)
  • Learning Management System (MC Online - http://www.mconline.sg/ )
  • Mobile Learning (iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Mobile Carts with Notebooks)

Facilities & Infrastructure

  • IT hub


  • Media Centre 
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  • BlackBox
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  • Media Resource Library
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  • Chroma Key
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  • School-wide Wireless Network
  • Learning Management System (MC Online - http://www.mconline.sg)
  • Mobile Learning (iPads, Mobile Carts with Notebooks)

Trail Shuttle - Learning Trails in FMSP

The school designs and creates learning trail for in-school and outdoor learning. This is an innovative way of teaching and learning through fun and engaging activities which involve some navigation and exploration of the learning environment.




Integrating ICT into teaching and learning to build 21st CC

The school adopts an ICT integration plan which integrates ICT into various subjects to achieve the baseline standards as well as build 21CC. Subject integrations occur at various levels and subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Mother Tongue, Lifeskills (i.e. Cyberwellness), Aesthetics, Civic & Moral Education and Social Studies.

Media Resource Library (MRL)

The MRL aims to provide a conducive environment to excite and promote reading. The MRL engages partners such as Civica, whose programmes are designed to cater to pupils of different reading levels. The programmes focus on research skills, collaboration, readership or the promotion of library resources. Our Parent Volunteers (PiE) are also engaged to conduct Story Reading session during recess. The MRL programmes work to leverage or compliment other school activities that may be going on concurrently such as National Day, Olympics, F1 Race and many more.


What is Sorcer?

It is the new library catalogue accessible by pupils and parents. It's a virtual bookshelf for the items in your library, and a cool way to view topics of interest, new books, and even books that you never knew existed in the library.

The Social Networking feature allows readers to share their reading experience and book reviews with your Sorcer friends.

More information on Sorcer can be found in the following links


Updated as at Term 1, 2016