"A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher."
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To Excite our pupils and Expose them to a holistic Arts education and enabling them to achieve Excellence.


Every Fairsian is confident, cultured, appreciative of the Arts and serves the community with his artistic talents.

6-year Art / Music Programme (Instructional programme)

Level Art Music
Pr 1 & 2 (Foundation level - Excitement) Fundamentals of Art skills (eg. Colours, use of various colouring medium, drawing and colouring techniques, etc) This programme aims to excite pupils with the fun entity involved in art making. Fundamentals of Music (eg. Rhythm, Singing, Solfege, learning about instruments, composers, music appreciation etc)
Students are introduced to fun ways of making music.

Pr 3 & 4 (Intermediate level – Exposure) Art Projects (Exploration of a variety of art mediums and tools)  
Pupils will be exposed to various technical skills and processes, exploration and manipulation of media and also research work.

Keyboard students are introduced to keyboard playing (learning notation, dynamics, reading scores, playing solo, in groups, keyboard ensemble and in parts).    
Pr 5 & 6 (Advanced level – Experience)

Ceramics (Pr 5) – free expression
Various techniques of using ceramics.

Digital Art (Pr 6)- This programme aims to provide our 21st century pupils a different perspective of learning art.  They will learn to use the tools to adjust saturation, hue and brightness to achieve their desired effect. These useful digital art skills learned will be theirs to keep and enjoy for a long time!  

Ethnic Percussion (P5) – Students experience Ethnic percussion music through hands on experience and composition.   They will also learn about basic musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, harmony and technique of playing the Ethnic percussion instruments. Experience another new instrument (Pr 5 and 6), the Ukulele, a new perspective to learning music. Basic techniques of rhythm and chord structures of the instrument. 

Aesthetics Day

Unique to Fairfield, Aesthetics Day is a day whereby all pupils get to perform on stage to an audience. Organised by the Aesthetics Department who aims to nurture confident and cultured Fairsians who are appreciative of the Arts, Aesthetics Day will showcase our pupils’ musical talents through performances and their artistic talents through an exhibition.

Arts @ Recess

ARP is an fun and enrichment programme which is conducted during recesses.  Students have the opportunities to learn more about composers / artists (both local and international) during this time.  They learn about the styles of the composers / artists and are engaged in fun music and art making during their recesses.

Art Outreach Programme

This programme is designed to wrap around academic curriculum.  The programme exposes students to the world of art and promotes visual literacy.  It also promotes critical thinking by having students understand the rationale behind the production of artworks in their various cultural, political and historical contexts. 

A Night of STARs (Shining Through the ARts)

A Night of STARs concert is the school’s biannual concert held at an external venue by our performing arts groups.  This concert provides opportunities for the members of the aesthetics school teams to showcase their talents and their admirable determination to excel.

Arts Assembly Programme

The Arts Assembly Programme is a platform which the Aesthetics Department harnesses to spread the values of an Arts education. These assembly programmes enable all students to develop basic appreciation skills in various art forms.

Arts Learning Journeys

Yearly learning journeys to SSO Concert for children and Art exhibitions are organised to bring students who are interested to further their learning in the area of the Arts.

Aesthetics CCA – School Team (Co-curricular Activities) Achievements

BandSilverN.ACertificate of AccomplishmentN.A
Chinese DanceGold N.ACertificate of DistinctionN.A
Choir Gold with HonoursN.ACertificate of Distinction N.A 
 Handbells Gold N.A Certificate of Distinction N.A 
 Elite Visual Arts (EVA)  N.A 2 Artworks selected for exhibition N.A 3 artworks selected for exhibition with 1 special mention

TeamsOther AchievementsYear
Choir22nd International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music with Petr Eben Prize at Prague
- Gold Award
 Band5th Winter Band Festival  
- Silver Award
 HandbellsLondon College of Music Assessment 
- Distinction

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Updated as at Term 1, 2016